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Old 11-17-2012, 08:16 AM
Gempress Gempress is offline
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Thumbs down Texas seceding

This is sad. I'm from Texas, and for the most part I'm quite happy to live here. But this whole secede business.....*sigh* An overwhelming majority of the people in Texas, even the ones who don't like Obama, are quite happy being American. And we're just as "WTF??" about the petition as most other people in the U.S.

The whole secede thing has been around for years. I've had the (mis)fortune of talking with some of the leaders who are actively involved in pushing the movement. I will tell you: it boggles the mind at how out-of-touch they are. You'd think that they'd be looking at it from a realistic view and creating a viable plan for the Nation of Texas. But these people....yikes. Here's some of the common themes I've heard from them. I swear I'm not making any of this up.

1) All Texans would stay in Texas. They think that everyone who currently lives here would stay put if Texas seceded. Umm....NO. I'd estimate that most of the population would pull up stakes and head to the United States. And quite a few of them have said that not only would they leave, they would burn their homes and businesses to the ground on the way out so that Texas could not have them.

2) All of the U.S. military currently here would stay and become the Texas military. When I asked them what their plan was for defense of the country of Texas, the answer I got was, "We already have a military ready to go. All those military bases like Lackland and Fort Hood are in Texas, so we'll have plenty of soldiers and equipment for our country." They think that all the U.S. military personnel already here would stay in Texas, along with the planes, tanks, and other equipment, that are here. The think the same thing would happen with all other Federal entities, such as FBI, Border Patrol, TSA, etc. Of course in reality, the U.S. military and the feds would withdraw and strip their facilities bare rather than give them to another country.

3) All businesses would stay. Once again, no.

So basically, they seriously think that everything will stay exactly as it is in Texas, except for no U.S. government. That's their grand plan for the future.

So that's my rant. Cookies if you read it all. And I've decided that if Texas really does somehow secede, I'm moving to the NEW 50th state in the union: Austin.

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