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Old 11-13-2012, 02:33 PM
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Default Chulita's vet visit

This morning Chulita had a check-up. Her bad eye and her heart murmur were inspected. Her heart murmur is quite serious, but not worse than the last time... and he can really hear a squishiness to it and you can even feel it when you put hands over her heart. She gets along okay most of the time for now, has little episodes where she kind of gasps for air. But that may be respiratory, not the heart. Eventually, (he couldn't say how long) it will get too bad and she will have to be put down.

She lost about a lb so she's looking just right. Her teeth aren't too bad, but not great and I said I was worried about putting her under for a cleaning anymore. He wasn't worried and said that we don't have to do much fine tuning and to just let her enjoy life.

In the meantime she should have a blood work-up to see if she's a candidate for some kind of medication. And to see how her kidneys, liver etc is working.

It just sucks when they start having these kinds of problems and you wonder how long you have with them until that dreadful time.

She was so cute at the vet' sociable and friendly. Every time someone came through the door, (they have an automatic thing that sounds just like a door bell) she would yap. She just thinks it's really fun to go to the vet. She had a bright light shining into her eyes in the dark room. That kind of made her a tad bit nervous, but otherwise, it's just another social visit for her. She seems to be an old hand at most anything anyone does to her.
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