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Old 11-13-2012, 12:36 PM
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Locke Locke is offline
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Want because:
- Have a ton of time to devote to another dog (no puppies for me)
- want/need a dog that can do stuff (hikes and disc dog primarily)
- still miss the connection I had with Mitch, want to re-create it

Not because:
- my copious amounts of free time will be gone once school is over
- boyfriend wants to be settled in our own house before a dog joins (and I sort of agree)
- it's getting cold and snowy out...
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Old 11-13-2012, 12:48 PM
Wickgaga Wickgaga is offline
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Location: Wisconsin
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Reasons I want one:

- I would like a larger dog of my own. I LOVE small breeds, and that's why I have them, but I'd like to move up some, and while I love Miniature Schnauzers & they are my heart breed, there are so many larger breeds I love & would like to own.

- My dogs aren't as active or into activities as I'd like.

Reasons I "don't" want one / am not getting one:

- Currently it would not be the right time as I do not have a job.
- When I get a job, I might not have enough time for 4 dogs of my own, so why add another until I know how my schedule will be?
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Old 11-13-2012, 12:51 PM
Dogdragoness's Avatar
Dogdragoness Dogdragoness is offline
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I "want" another dog but I just can't my living situation & financial situation Although "right now" but I don't know how long that will be & 2 dogs is already hard enough when we have to move. Also I don't think I could afford the food bill for three dogs plus Josefina is just how maturing after almost 2 yrs of "puppy hell" lol so no I don't want to do that to myself again & buddy having just been adopted back in march 2012 is just now coming into his own & realizing that he *is* home, so no I don't want to shake them up by adding another dog to the mix right now ... Maybe when we inherit the ranch I will think about it.

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Old 11-13-2012, 01:29 PM
Linds's Avatar
Linds Linds is offline
Twin 2
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Location: Illinois
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I didn't get my solid Koolie and I drool whenever I see one.

Do not want:
Because it's an absolutely horrible idea
Just got a puppy
Said puppy is a giant loud alligator demon puppy
Small House
Money for everything
Training takes up a lot of my time with just two
Traveler would commit suicide
It's just a horrible horrible idea.
Already working hard on keeping Didgie from fixating on Traveler's movement. Don't want to double that up.
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Old 11-13-2012, 01:39 PM
StillandSilent StillandSilent is offline
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-Someone to do sports/therapy work with. Gambit just isn't capable, and it's not fair to ask him to be something he's not.
-Plenty of time to raise puppy
-Enjoy working with puppies
-Gambit loves babies and is totally tolerent (a little too much sometimes)
-Enjoy fostering puppies for right now

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Old 11-13-2012, 01:44 PM
Taqroy's Avatar
Taqroy Taqroy is offline
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Ummmm....puppy! Fur and kisses and puppy breath and awesome.
Tipper needs a playmate. I would prefer one within easy access (like in the house lol).

Do not want
House training. We suck at it.
No time for training another dog.
Two of my dogs are jerkwads who don't really like change (or puppies really).
I don't think it would be fair to Murph and he's terrible at puppy raising anyway.
More vet bills? No thank you. Lol.

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Old 11-13-2012, 01:52 PM
Toller_08's Avatar
Toller_08 Toller_08 is offline
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Reasons to want: Now is just a perfect time to bring home a puppy. I work somewhere that I can bring her everyday, and that will provide ample socialization and exposure opportunities. My hours at work are not quite F/T, which is also nice. I am not yet going to school. If I decide to go to school next fall, puppy will be almost a year old by then, so I won't worry about leaving her at home as much as I would a young puppy.

It's been almost 6 years since I've had the type of puppy I enjoy the most, and almost 4 years since I've had a puppy at all. I love puppies and enjoy them a lot.

Financially, I am way more than prepared for everything. I don't know if I'll be able to say that even this time next year, as there are other things I am also saving for.

My current dogs are all at a nice age. Dance and Ripley are still plenty playful and will enjoy a new playmate, but they are all also very mature and well mannered and will be an asset when it comes to teaching the puppy proper doggy manners.

I miss having a drivey, on the go dog with endurance. The Dobes I guess sort of fill that role, but in a different way than I like. I love them, and I love the breed, but they kind of clash with me. And Dance is fun and enjoys doing things, but she gets apathetic about things quickly. She does things best in short spurts. She doesn't even really enjoy going on long walks, on leash or off. She gets bored and looks sad.

Reasons not to want:

I do have three dogs. I don't need a fourth. But technically, most people don't even 'need' one dog. I've had four in the past and all was fine.

A puppy will take way from my Dance time. I always feel so guilty about that. I do already have two more that take away from Dance time, and she doesn't seem to care at all (she's not a needy dog), but I feel bad anyway.

I feel a little guilty about where puppy is coming from, but am torn because I do really like the dogs.

One more mouth to feed. More dog hair on the floor. My house is so peaceful with three well behaved adult dogs, and a puppy will obviously disrupt that a little.
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Old 11-13-2012, 02:10 PM
JacksonsMom's Avatar
JacksonsMom JacksonsMom is offline
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UGH, I struggle with this a LOT.

I want another dog:
- because I just want another dog lol
- I just love dogs
- to have a play buddy for Jackson
- He is 4 now and I really didn't want to wait this long to add another, the longer I wait, I feel like the longer it takes me to get up the guts
- to try out a new breed
- I'm young (22) and currently have the time to raise a puppy and put a LOT into it
- I won't be working full time for probably another year and a half, so adding a puppy NOW would be better than doing so when I am working full time.

But I worry about the bond I have with Jackson now. He's literally my 'go to' dog, we do nearly everything together, and my little travel buddy (small trips to run errands, vacations, I dogsit a lot and he comes with me, etc). He is also the kind of dog who I can really do anything with and try out any sport if wanted, so it's not like I 'need' another dog for that sort of thing.

Honestly, financially, I would be okay. I would just have to spend less on a lot of the 'extras' that I buy for Jackson ... and he gets wayyy too much unnecessary stuff! LOL. I just worry that maybe it would be smarter of me to wait until I am in my own house/apt and more stable on my own. But then I think I cannot wait that long and want one NOW.
Brit & Jackson

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Old 11-13-2012, 02:51 PM
Catsi Catsi is offline
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I don't want another dog right now.

I decided a while ago that I most likely wouldn't get another dog while Miss Abby is with me. Certainly not a pup. She is very happy in the setting she has now and that's important to me.

I'm loving the fun I'm having with two (and a half - grandma's whippet Locke features heavily in my life - walking, playing, visiting my home etc.)

Locke I would take on full-time if the need arises - it works, or at least is 85% close to working harmoniously. His personality suit Abby to a tee.

With looking after the 3 of them, plus uni, plus full-time work... I've got my hands full. Not in a 'oh my goodness, I can't cope' kind of way. But we have certainly found a great balance and they keep me busy enough and vice verse.

In the future I would love to get a dog to do classes with and even compete with perhaps (obedience, agility, tracking), but right now I'm happy to dabble with the dogs I've got.
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Old 11-13-2012, 03:23 PM
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I have had three dogs and found it to be a good number.
I fall in love with puppies and cute dogs in need of homes all the time
There is a girly on petfinder that looks oh so awesome.
I have the time to invest.
I enjoy spending my time with the dogs.

Does not want:
My two are so nice together...I would worry about how the relationships in my house might be affected.
My better half already feels overwhelmed by two and a cat at times...
More vet bills...
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