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Old 11-12-2012, 05:02 PM
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Default I passed my test!! I can drive!!

I am beyond joyed!

I passed my driving test yesterday, I got my P's. I was on my L's before. Now I'm free to drive by myself with no one in the car to watch me! I'm so so thrilled.

I'm 21 so I should have had my license at 18. I was lazy and didn't care about getting it. I finally decided I wanted it. We bought a car that came at a bargain price! (Lucky me!) and I kept practising. I was pretty bad at first because after 30mins of driving, I just couldn't focus anymore. I had many issues with paying attention and at one point, I did tell mum that maybe I should give it a few more months. Well, I gained more control and confidence and I did awesome. Decided to book my test (which 3 months ago I kept saying 'I won't pass!') and this past month I was so confident I kept talking about all the places I'd visit.. I even booked in with a trainer for Serenity two weeks early, for the day of the test. Well, I passed!

Yesterday Serenity and I went to the creek. She loved that. First time she's been and she loved playing in the water. Defiantly going back there again! First time in the car, she did winge a bit but settled down. On the way home from training I didn't buckle her in, she behaved so well and just slept on the back seat. When I stopped at the has station, she remained in the back seat the whole time, which shocked me.

Serenity did well at training. She did go off a bit but I managed to get her under control. We are working with a trainer every Wednesday for 30mins and then we do basic obediene. Can't wait to see how far we both come. The trainer made a comment on Serenity being to skinny though -.- ga.

I can't wait to see how Sunny goes. He'll ether stay buckled in or go in a crate. I don't trust him in cars. He moved around way to much unless he's tired. Hopefully I'll get to take him out soon.

She has a weird habit of doing this, lot.

I'm thrilled. No more public transport or asking other people. I can do it all myself! I can take the dogs out now thank god! I'm so happy.

I'm glad I got the nice driving instructor. This other girl who was also taking the test got a nasty person.. And she failed. I felt so bad for her.
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