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Old 11-11-2012, 10:56 PM
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Default Hmm... I need help with the puppy

Ever since the puppy first got home I've been trying to crate train him, and trying to use the x-pen during the day when I'm around. At first I thought that he was just a puppy being a puppy whining all night but I'm starting to think that he is terrified of them or that maybe he is claustrophobic?

When I picked him up, he drove inside his kennel and he did fine, he slept for the whole trip (about 2 hours) until we got home and let him explore the house and introduced him to my other dog Rocky, etc.. All normal "first day" activities... Everything went surprisingly good, until it was time for bedtime. He not only whined, howled and barked all night, he destroyed the kennel,got out and vomited two times, it was all orange with pieces of kibble. I freaked out of course and took him out, so right now he's sleeping in Rocky's room (which is the laundry room), and Rocky is sleeping by the family room inside his crate... But I dont think Rocky is too happy with all this changes in his routine, he is starting to show resentment to the puppy and I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to do.

I've been trying to use an x-pen, and the puppy does fine whenever I'm in the same room but as soon as I leave his sight, he pushes the x-pen until it falls on him or he jumps out of it. It doesn't matter how much I praise him for staying inside or how many treats I give him, he still seems very stressed.

I'm using another kennel that I had home to crate train him and he still refuses to get in, he doesn't go in even if I throw his favorite treats inside... I'm kinda disappointed because it's been very stressful to leave the house or even go upstairs for 5 minutes when no one else is home because he can't be crated or x-penned if I'm not in the same room, I can leave him tied to the table in our kitchen and leave for looong minutes, but of course this can't keep going on for long because I'm scared he's going to choke himself.

So any ideas...? I don't know what else to do, I don't know what triggered his crate trauma and I don't know how to overcome it. Rocky was a very easy puppy to crate train so I have no experience in training escape artists.

Skye is a wonderful puppy, he doesn't pee or poops inside the house, not even during the night, he really is so intelligent and learns tricks very fast, he's always trying to please you... I guess this is why is so hard for me to understand why I can't seem to find something that works for both the puppy and me, or what other alternatives can I use.

I'd like for Rocky to have his regular routine back, and I'd like for Skye to be able to be left alone inside his crate without the fear of him getting injured or escaping.

PS - I forgot to add, he only whines in enclosed spaces. Even when we put him in the laundry room he whines for a few minutes (which is an improvement from crying all night) but this is his ninth night home, maybe it's been too long since I had a puppy, but I would assume that by now he would stop the whining?
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