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Old 11-10-2012, 06:33 PM
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I think that's a bit over the top, most math still needs to be written in long hand. We likely will continue print.
What math NEEDS to be written out long hand? To learn the process behind it, sure. But there are programs and devices that allow you to write by hand into a computer. I had a very old Clio several years ago that could do that, and that was old (VERY OLD) technology then.

Most math I do anymore is done either on a calculator for the sake of speed, or types into an equation in Excel. And some of those are very long, complicated things to do without using Excel. My last 3 statistics classes have been 100% on the computer using Excel and SPSS/PASW. For these things there simply is no reason to learn to do it by hand because when you're doing research, you are not going to sit there for hours on end doing calculations by hand when you could do it on the computer in 2 minutes and get more reliable results (less chance for human error, though still not completely eliminated).

I have never taken a calculus class (and never intend to) but I imagine even for that there are programs to do the calculations. And if there isn't, we get back to handwriting on a tablet/touch screen. I do think pens and paper will be obsolete, but I don't think handwriting (print) itself will be.

Also, FWIW, I was taught to use "home keys" and all that other crap when I leanred to type in elementary school. I don't use that at ALL anymore, and I type in excess of 75 wpm. I type as I feel comfortable typing, and sometimes it looks awful, but it gets the job done and gets it done quickly.
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