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Old 11-10-2012, 03:02 PM
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Default Wrote a complaint.

Ok I know it sounds silly but I did. I was reading a book at a friends house, to their kids. It was on cat care, but a well known book company (Usborne books) that everyone raves about.

What bothered me was a LOT of the bad/wrong advice in the book. I know it's a children's book but still, really bad advice!!!

First off they said to always offer a bowl of milk because all cats like to drink milk. Um, no.

Then suggested a box with holes for transporting a cat. Kennels aren't that expensive for a cat and much safer, how about suggesting if you buy a cat, you invest the $15 or less for a cat carrier? Rather than firmly closing the box top and hoping the cat doesn't pop out. Just saying.

Oh and your kitten will need a litterbox for the first bit, till they can go outside to do their thing. How about we teach kids that it's not generally safe (or legal in most places) to let your cat out and worse, that you don't provide a litterbox so they're crapping wherever, including other people's yards? What's wrong with saying 'your cat should stay inside and safe, or going out on a leash and harness or build a cat cage' type advice for kids?

They sorta cover spaying with a drawing of a cat with a big red cut on it, but then spend a whole two pages on how to raise kittens and how cute they are to play with. Um, reverse that and maybe do a page on getting your cat spayed or neutered at six months, and how they'll need a quiet place to rest after but will be much happier?

Oh and were to get a cat... shelter or rescue is sort of mentioned but then it also says 'many times you can find a friend who has kittens to give away' sorta thing. And how nice it is to spend the day with the litter of kittens and pick just the right one. How about we talk about rescues and fostered kittens and going to the shelter a bit more?

Days like this I really think I should write ethical children's books on pets and pet care.
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