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Old 11-09-2012, 01:49 PM
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Default Does anyone like board games?

Does anyone like to sit around the dining room table and play board games anymore? Or is it all computer games these days?

When I was a kid, I played some board games, but my family really wasn't into it much. So, it wasn't a family thing....but more with some friends or my brother sometimes.

When I was married and the kids were young, we'd have friends over and play Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, and a few other games, sometimes card games. And when the kids were older, I played the game, Upwards a lot with a friend of mine and also my daughter. It's a fun one, kind of like Scrabble but even more versatile, I think.

I haven't played any board games for some time now, but have quite a stack of them in a closet just waiting for someone to take them out and play. I'm getting a hankering just now, as the weather gets cold and being inside is becoming more appealing, all cozy, with pop corn or some kind of snack at hand. Now, I just need someone to play with. LOL. Maybe next time my daughter comes to visit or my ex. My son might, but I'm not sure he's that into those kinds of games.

What are your favorites and who do you play games with, how often? Do you go in phases or is it rather regular that you get together with friends and sit down at a table to play board games?
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