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Old 11-09-2012, 12:12 PM
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Default When would you recommend rehoming?

I would say this is hypothetical, but it's really not.

Now I'm not a 'professional dog trainer' by any means, but I do try and help my customers the best I can when they come into the store. One woman in particular has had trouble with a puppy she adopted from Day One...I believe she was told it was going to be a Lab/Beagle, not too big, and turns out it is a Lab/Great Dane..and is quite large. The puppy was playing too rough with her Corgi, was pulling, knocking down the kids. We got that all sorted out, gave her some books to read, recommended ob training, all went pretty well!

She stopped in a few months ago and told me the dog had randomly eaten her living room furniture...he had been fine previously/not destructive. I recommended crating and working up being alone until he has proven that he won't be destructive. I believe I've seen her once since then, all was well, no more problems.

She stopped in this week....he ate her second set of living room furniture, has been getting worse and worse, and went partially through a wall. The dog has been intimidating/bothering her partner, although he doesn't display the same behavior with her. I asked her about crating him again and she was concerned about him barking and whining in the crate. We went over some different SA techniques and she got some Rescue Remedy, she may look at something from the vet to help with anxiety.

The woman just isn't a 'big goofy dog' person. She would be fine with an easy dog I think, but personally? I just don't think this dog is the right dog for her. She doesn't completely 'get it', I don't think.. And it's not like I (or any other trainer) would be able to help the dog much without actually living with the dog, if she isn't willing to put the time or take the steps to fix the issues. She is willing to throw money at the problem, but if she doesn't understand what she is doing...she's not going to get anywhere.

Would you recommend rehoming to someone more dog savvy? Or do you think maybe a professional trainer could break everything down for her?

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