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Old 11-02-2012, 08:44 AM
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Default Vibes for Miles please (up for adoption)

I'm a little flustered about a dog at my work. A friend and coworker of mine rescued him when he was a about to be euthanized, but now he needs a home. The foster home she had for him fell through so he has just been living at my work. Personally I would prefer he wind up a Chaz dog, but he really just needs a good home with patient people and needs a lot of training. He's listed as an pit mix and he definitely is some sort of bully breed, but honestly I'm terrible at telling the difference between pitties, staffies, etc. This dog is a powerhorse and has really nice muscling. I could see him doing weight pulling honestly if he was conditioned up to it.

That said, he has some skin conditions right now that have gotten worse over the course of time that he has been with us. Supposedly he has demodex mange, but his belly, legs and muzzle are completely red and he has a couple bald spots on his back that are red. I almost wonder if it could be allergies too since he wasn't red at all until he was started on Blue Buffalo.

My friend has been self medicating him with constant baths and applying nu-stock on top of he is getting fish oil and some sort of skin supplement. Whoever is on shift that day takes care of him so we have all been caring for this boy. I've grown pretty attached to him and if I didn't have Bamm I would adopt him in a heartbeat, but him and Bamm just wouldn't be a good match for each other at all.

I just really think he needs to see a vet since it isn't getting any better and its going to be hard for us to adopt him out like this. A couple of my coworkers and I have been talking about it and the three of us are going to pitch in so we can get him seen by the vet. Considering I was helped out with Cricket when I was in a tough spot I feel like I should pay it forward so to speak and I just really have a soft spot for this dog and want to see him healthy and adopted out to a great home.

We haven't told my friend that rescued him yet that we want to get him in to the vet. Not sure if she will be offended that we aren't happy with how this self medicating and self diagnosing thing is going. But really, we just want to see him get better and as of right now he is miserable.

So vibes please? Vibes that she will be ok with us helping him. Vibes that we can get him seen quickly and get started on a proper treatment. Vibes that someone will want to adopt him soon. I can get photos of him for anyone interested. He does get along with other dogs from what I've seen at the daycare, but he gets offended easily if a dog snarks at him and will hide in a corner and mope lol. Supposedly he showed aggression to the person that was going to foster him and she said she was afraid of him, but we haven't seen any aggression from him at the dog daycare.

I do have paypal if anyone wishes to help out in any way, but right now we won't know how much his vet bills will be until we get him seen.
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