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Old 10-27-2012, 12:55 AM
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Default Can I pick your brain on urine issues?

My friend has a 7 y/o neutered cocker spaniel. Within the past couple months he has gotten really bad about having accidents in the house. It seems like he pees in her house at least once a day. I was at her house a couple days ago - when I got there, she let him outside and he peed. I was at her house for like 2 hours, and in that timeframe he squatted right in the middle of the room and peed a hefty amount, like he hadn't been outside all day.

He had a urinalysis. It looked fine. It was sent out for a culture. Looked fine. He had bloodwork done. Looks fine. Medically they aren't seeing anything wrong to cause this. He had started seeing a holistic vet a couple months before this started, and he's been put on like a million supplements and herbs and started on a homecooked diet. She feels like maybe the herbs and stuff are responsible but I just can't see why they would have that effect.

His urine was also super concentrated when it was tested, which is kind of not what you'd expect from a dog that is peeing constantly.

They were kind of addressing the behavior aspect too. Started retraining him a bit, teaching him to ring bells and rewarding him for going outside. I guess it would kind of work and he would sometimes ring the bells but then he'd still keep peeing in the house too. And I also find it crazy that after 7 years, he would all of a sudden have a total regression and be like... not house broken at all.

She's kind of clueless about what to do and I didn't really have any new suggestions for her either. Is there an explanation for it? Something medical being missed? Does he really just need to be treated like an 8 week old puppy?

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