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Old 10-24-2012, 11:16 PM
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Default If you had 10 Million dollars for ONE day...

What would you do with it? Saving/trust fund isn't an option because you only have it for one day - and any investing or purchasing stocks/shares/gold etc must be done within those 24 hours. You can't give the money away either - but likewise you can invest or buy things with the money for anyone you'd like.

Honestly I'd call up my friend and ask her what to invest in quick LOL. But right away I would...

*Buy myself a apartment/condo in the Downtown area and a house on a good plot of land in the more suburb area

*Pay off my parents mortgage and secure their house for them. Make wise investments for them as well.

*Buy materials for a good, large kennel for Katalin

*Do the crazy shopping thing XD. I would get a Cartier watch, Lambo Adventador, Bentley Sedan, Toys etc

*Buy a nice watch and a few good cases of red wine for my dad

*Buy a Birkin purse and some jewelry for mom

*A bally fitness pass, swim pool pass, speed dating pass, and life coaching for my brother

*Travel vouchers, spa vouchers, gift certificates, therapy vouchers, gas vouchers, and food vouchers for myself

*Buy something for charities and supplies for a good rescue.

*Invest into something lucrative and long term for said charities and rescue

*Treat my family to a nice big fancy dinner

*Treat my friends out to a nice night of eating, clubbing etc

*Buy a puppy from a breeder I was interested in to top it all off! (if they didn't have any on the ground that would be ok, I would be able to afford puppy later from investments anyways)

Let's have everyone else's lists - silly or serious or whatnot.
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