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Old 10-24-2012, 03:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Muttkip View Post
It shouldn't even be an opinion it is a rule. You screw up its not just your dog that pays it's everyone's dog that does and the breed's already fragile reputation is hurt even more and more BSL might follow after your dog hurts or kills another dog, all because you say its an opinion. I own a bully breed mix myself and bothers me you see no problem with it and continue to do so.
But I don't frankly care if it bothers you... I know my dogs and you don't and I disagree with your opinion that you consider "rule". My pure bred APBT has absolutely no prey drive or aggression towards animals whatsoever.... So should I punish her and keep her from something she enjoys just because of her breed? Sorry, but I'm not going to do that to her. There's a difference between someone with no knowledge of the breed taking their pit bull to the dog park and someone like myself, who does have knowledge of dog body language and pit bull behavior, taking her dogs to the dog park. And as I said... My dog park isn't a "dozens of dogs running all over the place and uncontrolled" type of dog park. It's a web of friends. Not a very big web, either. I am responsible with my dogs, and there is a vast difference between that and someone who is not. I'm not going to lock my dog in a closet just because she is a pit bull. You wanna do that to yours? You go right on ahead. By all means... Keep your bully breed away from other dogs, strange people, children... Go for it! All for the sake of "safety". It's an extreme opinion. My dog is actually helping the breeds reputation... She is showing dog park visitors that not all pit bulls have that "vicious" stereotype... So I encourage all responsible owners who know their pit bull to take them to the dog park and change a few minds.

Also, I don't really think you have a lot of room to judge anyone else...
"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself." -D.H. Lawrence

"Only when the last tree is cut, only when the last river is polluted, only when the last fish is caught, will they realize that you can’t eat money." –Native American proverb
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