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Old 10-23-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by CatStina View Post
This caught my eye because, while I will definitely be having kids, I'm still debating whether I'm going to have them here or in Finland (I'm a dual citizen). My mom had me here in USA and had my brother in Finland. She had a terrible experience with my birth and probably should have been given an emergency c-section. She had to have surgery to repair the damage (which she had in Finland) and almost couldn't have an other child. When she got pregnant with my brother, we immediately moved to Finland. My brother's birth was a C-Section and it went very smoothly. Sure, some of it has to do with specific hospitals, and the fact that it was 22 years ago, but it still gives me pause. My mother and I have very similar bodies, and I wouldn't be surprised if my birth canal is smaller, too. I guess I'll have to see where I am in life and in the world when I do get pregnant.
I think the major issue I see with that is women are rushed through birth with plenty of yelling, drugs, and general chaos and rushing. Labor is meant to last a good 14+ hours, and I don't believe many women are small as much as their bodies don't have time to change THAT fast to push out an object THAT large in 4 hours (or they get shoved off to c-section so Dr. can get home for dinner on time). Plus inducing early for no real reason.

I think when your body is allowed to just do what it is meant to do, things go a lot easier.

But, you know, thank goodness for all the OB's (who are surgeons, not birthing doctors), the drugs, c-sections and everything else because a few women DO need them and they are great to have in an emergency. But most births aren't emergencies until you push that first domino and the rest fall after. Even for high risk women. The statistics really speak for themselves, and ours are really sad to look at on the W.H.O. website.

In the link in the OP, it talked about The Business of Being Born, it's on Netflix and a good watch. Another good one is Pregnant in America. Business of Being Born also had a smaller mini-series called More Business of Being Born.
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