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Old 10-22-2012, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Dekka View Post
For those who say its not safe.. do you have any studies to back that up? Living in the country my only exp with it as a kid where we would be given fluoride mouth rinses at school once a month.

Is it actually dangerous? Or is this more of a OMG a chemical in my water deal? Maf's links look legit to me....
they certainly do look legit I guess I'll have to go find a few myself. As I've understood for years, the data showing increased flouride in water with a decrease in dental caries was loose at best and often touted as "proof". It was often shown that injesting Flouride had no effect on a persons dentition, and when drinking water, the enamel wasn't subjected to the flouride long enough to have any influence on the teeth.

The long rinses of flouride, like those given occassionaly in schools were different and did have an effect on the teeth.

anyway, here's an interesting read
"The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas," write Choi et al.
anyway, back to teeth,

There is weak and inconsistent evidence that the use of fluoride supplements prevents dental caries in primary teeth. There is evidence that such supplements prevent caries in permanent teeth. Mild-to-moderate dental fluorosis is a significant side effect.
Anyway, As to not get into a linking battle with the one who gives the last link "winning", I'll give my last opinion on the matter.

It does occur naturally in water, in some areas it seems to be beneficial when looking at tooth health, in other areas it appears to have other detriments in the populations health when expanding your vision beyond the teeth.

But we're not talking about either, we're talking about letting industrial waste being dumped into your municipal water supply for something that has little if any effect on your teeth. If YOU believe flouride is that beneficial to you and will give you the teeth you've always dreamed of and believe that it will have no other effects on your health or body, then go to the store and buy it for yourself. It really is that simple.

If this was the ONLY way to get decent teeth, i'd say people have an argument of dumping this in your water supply. Seems to me a tooth brush and some floss will go a lot further along in that regard than dumping industrial waste into your drinking water. That and getting all the sugar and grain out of your mouth.
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