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Old 10-18-2012, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Emily View Post
In my experience, reputable breeders poop rainbows and unicorns. LOL.

ETA: That is to say, they're much romanticized. Frankly, I don't have enough info from the ad. They certainly seem like they care about their dogs. I'd be concerned about appropriate health clearances.

There's a really interesting blog on Ruffly Speaking about why breeders SHOULD advertise, and why the idea that advertising puppies is dirty and disreputable hurts breeders instead of helping them.
For me I don't have an issue with a breeder having a site that they keep updated with stuff they do with their dogs, their dogs, health testing, and just any news that pertains to their dogs and puppies.

But after being online and buying stuff for so long when people don't have their own website for something like this, that is so time consuming and where record keeping is incredibly important for the seller and the buyer, and resort to using 'catch all' websites in my mind they go from a reputable breeder/seller to a Jo Schmo who just needs to unload 'product'.

Also I realize I am not perfect when it comes to spelling and grammar and I really don't care.

But when I see this:

We are members of the Kennel club assured breeder scheme and have been breeding for several years, we take pride in how we keep our whippets and they are a much loved family pets
17 Weeks old Beautifull healthy playfull puppies, nice forward going and full of mischief
Born and raised in a family home with children cats and dogs, fully wormed, Micro chipped, KC registered, 4 weeks free insurance plus puppy food pack, the puppies are in excelent condition with nice shinny coats, bright eyes, very alert,
Both parents her for you to see
Mum is a Brindel working whippet and dad is a Black working whippet, Any questions please get in touch
being posted by someone who should be coming across as someone who knows what they are doing and takes the homing of these puppies seriously I don't know if it's a joke or if I stumbled onto a Craigslist oops liter.

ETA: I don't have a problem getting a rescue dog or a dog off Craigslist. But if this person really wants to go through a breeder I'd hope they'd want to go through a good reputable breeder and not someone who can't bother to use commas or spellcheck.

It's like food places. I don't eat at places that spell country like 'Kountry' because in the back of my mind I don't know if they wanted the name to be like that or if they legitimately can't spell.

For this was it a typo? Or does this person really not know what the color is? I guess it goes back to would you buy a puppy from someone who couldn't spell their breed's name correctly?
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