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Old 10-17-2012, 10:04 PM
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I had someone friend request me (keep in mind, my facebook is Brigadoon Border Collies, very clearly a breeder) and then proceed to post ON MY WALL things like that. She got the boot right away.
Here is a summary on our breeding costs and what we've made back:

1st litter: Faith had to have an emergency c-section, +ultrasounds, x-rays, health testing and stud fee, got eclampsia after the puppies were 2 or so weeks, so we spent approximately $3,700. 5 puppies born, 1 died, 1 kept, so sold 3 puppies for around $800. Total: -$1,300.

2nd litter: Planned c-section at recommendation of a repro vet, +ultrasound, x-rays, and stud fees. Spent around $3,000. 5 puppies born, two kept, so three sold for around $800. Total: -$600.

3rd litter: Sadie's first litter, stud fees, ultrasound, x-rays, health testing, approximately $1,200. 3 puppies born, sold for around $800. Total: +$1,200. (yay)

Tried to breed Sadie twice, no success. -$750 (stud fee + medical expenses)

4th litter: Sadie's second litter. Imported semen from England, surgical implant, +blood test to determine pregnancy, x-rays, and emergency vet visit after she had been in labor for 11 hours with no puppies: Approximately $4,000 spent. 2 puppies born. Kept one puppy, sold the other for $1,000 (higher price because the litter was from imported semen and was so expensive to breed). Total: -$3,000.

Fiona bred, didn't take. -$750.

So, lets add that up.

+ $1,200

Grand total: -$5,200.

Let me go quit my day job and live off of my dogs!

Do you want your dog to respect you because you demanded it, or because you truly earned it?
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