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Old 10-14-2012, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by AliciaD View Post
Dog's Name: Cameron (female)
Dog's Breed: Chow Chow mix
Clothing/Collar Size: Um. I measured a 19.5 inch neck. She's around 60lbs.
Favourite Treat: Dehydrated liver, stinky, moist cat treats. Pig ears
Favourite Toy: Things that squeak! But she will destroy them, so try and make them durable, or with more than one squeaker. Toys that can be tossed and tugged. Tennis balls, but the real ones, not the cheap ones- she will destroy those and then laugh at me.
Treats they cannot have: Those dental chew things and those smokes marrow bone things (I find them odd).
Toys they won't use: Nylabones, rawhides, chew toys that aren't stuffable.
Anything else!: Her colors are green and blue, or a mix like teal. Oh! And I have been meaning to dye Cameron, so if you have any doggy-safe dye,

Dog's Name: Duncan
Dog's Breed: GSD, Golden Retriever, Chow, lots of guesses.
Clothing/Collar Size: 22 inches. 90+ lbs.
Favourite Treat: Anything and everything, preferably meaty, cheezy, or cat treaty.
Favourite Toy: He likes squeaky toys, and he could benefit from a toy that encourages play, like the Tug-It, or a treat dispensing toy. He also likes fabric tug toys, like fleece.
Treats they cannot have: Dental chew things and smoked marrow bone things.
Toys they won't use: Nylabones, rawhides, chew toys that aren't stuffable.
Anything else!: His colors are navy blue, maroon, etc.

They both like antlers, but those can get pricey. I also need a new 30' longe line, which are apparently MUCH cheaper online than what I paid before in the pet store.
Oh, and this might sound silly since I feed raw and all, but I try to stay away from leather, haha. I'm a vegan, and I know my dogs aren't, so the compromise it that I feed them meet, but don't buy leather products. But fabric, nylon, and faux leather are all good. I'm not super super picky. I'll take secondhand leather, because I can justify that to myself but I don't buy leather products.

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Proud owner of Cameron, a Chow Chow mix, and Duncan, a
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