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Old 10-12-2012, 09:03 AM
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Oh, Sibes are definitely dramatic. They will scream, yell, and throw all out temper tantrums that your next door neighbors will hear if they don't want to do something. And I do mean SCREAM. They are extremely vocal dogs. Some of the most dramatic I've seen. Calm is not in the breed description at all. From skittish to happy, from excited to angry...they are dramatic and LOUD about darn near everything. Dixie's Violet is just one of the few that don't talk.

They are often skittish, unfortunately (and it shouldn't be the norm). I haven't met many that were comfortable in their own skin, let alone the world around them. Part of that is bad breeding, but it's also important to raise them confidently. It WILL be hard. These are some of the most infuriating puppies you'll ever see, and you'll WANT to discipline hard. But they aren't mentally built for it these days. As bratty as they are, you have to give in or deal with a very skittish unsure dog in the future.

Recall, like I said, isn't likely at all. Even your own yard will NEED to be fenced or the dog will need to be on a leash. Period. Open space = run. And they will be gone in about 5 minutes.

As far as chewing, they are horrible chewers/random eaters as pups. There's a pretty significant number of Sibe pups that die from obstruction from the things they ate because an owner wasn't looking. Zander was nearly one of those pups. He ate an entire handtowel at the age of 9 months. Keep in mind, this handtowel was in a kitchen drawer. They are SMART. Zander can also open doors.

They definitely have some cat-like tendencies. More independent, dramatic cat than obedient dog.

But if you want a watered down version, a heavy show-breeder is the way to go.

ETA: Although, a heavy show-breeder might not be the best choice if you want to to weightpull. Many of the show dogs don't have decent enough conformation to excel well in it. Too short and heavy. Malamute might be a better option for that. Just be wary of the "Giant Malamute" breeders. Not much different than a "mini" Aussie breeder or such. Just out of standard dogs with ridiculous price tags.

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