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Old 10-12-2012, 12:46 AM
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Default Adopting children

Out of curiosity- anyone adopted a child, or know someone who did?

It's interested me as of late. NO plans to have kids ANYTIME soon... lol. Don't even have a boyfriend, so yeah. This is way off. Not even 100% if I want kids at this point. We'll see if I meet the right person.

But it's intrigued me a lot lately. Working at a daycare, I've met a few kids who were adopted and really clicked with them. I love watching them learn, and adapt, and the parents seem so full of love.

I just think it would be a very neat process and be a great way to raise a child, and give them a life they couldn't have had otherwise. Not to mention, the whole idea of actually being pregnant and giving birth gives me the heebie geebies. I also am set on having a boy and well.. it'd be nice to control that

But if I ever had a husband who was on the same boat as me, I think it would be something I'd be very interested in in the far far FAR future.

What is the process? Is it easier to adopt from certain countries rather than others? I hear China is extremely strict (cannot be overweight, no homosexual marriages, over and under a certain age, etc). But I'm sure it can't be like that everywhere. And that it's a somewhat expensive endeavor.
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