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Old 10-11-2012, 11:58 AM
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Arrow Incoming rain will end historic dry stretch in western Washington

Summer got off to a somewhat late start, but wow! It sure has made up for it ever since. Just the other day, it was 75 degrees! Highly unusual for here at this time of year. I can't remember when it rained last and when it did, it was barely anything. This is rare, to say the least. It's record breaking. Never has there been a recorded dry spell as long as this. If it's global warming, I'll take more of it. (within reason of course) It's just been lovely. The flowers haven't quite gotten the message that it's fall. Well, some have. But I have had things blooming all the way into this month.

I've gotten a lot of landscaping projects finished or almost finished, but there's still more to do. The guys (my son and his friend) will just have to don their rain gear. The flagstone patio still needs to be installed, a small retaining wall by the fence needs to be done.

The fence has been painted. We beat the rain on that. But the arbor still needs to be finished and gates need to be hung. I have yet to plant my spring bulbs. Maybe I can do some of that today.

The sprinkler system is almost finished...just some fine tuning basically and have the double check valve tested and inspected to satisfy the permit from the city. Oh, and a little mulch needs to be put around some of the vulnerable plants. I think that's all. lol. This landscaping has gotten out of many different facets to it. I can't post pictures until it's pretty much done, which might not be in your lifetime.

But that lovely dry stretch is about to change. Today is the last dry dry for a long time probably. It looks like day after day is going to be clouds and rain...back to normal for this time of year. I wonder what kind of winter we'll have. Maybe it will be more severe as pay back. Or this could signal a mild winter. Who knows?

I know there's been some rare weather all over the place. This has been good for some people and not so good for others, depending on where you live.

The longest dry stretch in Seattle weather history is about to come to an end. Over the last 80 days, only 0.03 inches of rainfall has been recorded at Sea-Tac Airport. To put in perspective how little 0.03 inches of rain is, during that 80 day stretch we would normally average 3.33 inches of rainfall. Yes, we were 3.30 inches below average during the last 80 days. This all-time record dry stretch goes back to when record keeping began at the Federal Building in 1891, 121 years ago.

Here comes the rain… finally
Looking at the satellite image above, you can see what is on the way. The first storm to bring us widespread rain this season will be moving in during the Friday morning commute. This is not an overly impressive frontal system. Most areas around the sound will see around 0.10” of rainfall on Friday. Even though the rain will be fairly light, there is a lot of oil buildup on the roads from the last two and a half months of dry weather. Adding puddles to that will provide slick conditions for the drive into work or school.
Once Friday’s storm passes through, the gates will be open for more rain this weekend. Another system follows behind on Saturday, keeping us cloudy with rain at times throughout the day.

A batch of heavier rain is forecast to come in late Saturday night and into Sunday morning. This will set us up for steady rain around the area on Sunday. Another storm is on its heels for Monday. This looks to pack more heavy rain to start out next week. Winds will also be gusty on Sunday and Monday, especially north of Everett and along the coast.

1 to 2 inches of rain is possible around the sound Friday through Monday. Several inches of rain is likely over mountains. Coming off our prolonged dry stretch, flooding does not look to be a major concern at this point. The only river that could get close to flood stage is the Skokomish; the most flood-prone river in the state.

Pull the rain gear out from the back of the closet, fall weather is on the way!
-Sam Argier, KIRO 7 Meteorologist
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"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

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