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Old 10-09-2012, 08:46 PM
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For me I have a couple gay friends and my favorite teacher from school was gay.

My issue is that for my teacher he doesn't even want to be 'married' he just wants to be legally family so when something goes wrong he can be there for his partner that he loves and cares about just as much as any straight person.

How would anyone here who has been divorced feel if they were dying or their spouse was dying and they were told they couldn't see them or help make any decisions because they weren't a real couple? You may be ok with it but the super conservative people who ARE following what the bible says, says you are a sinner and your 'marriage' is null and void because you screwed up on your first one?

I am a Christian but I had VERY nontraditional Christian influences growing up. And I think the one thing my youth leader told me has been my 'words to live by' pretty much all my life.

'The Bible was written by man and influenced by God. But in the end it was written by man. Even the holiest of the holy man is not God and has his own personal opinions/feelings and views that they put into their writing. That's why we don't worship the Bible. That's why we don't worship the men who put pen to paper to write the Bible. There are many laws and rules that contradict themselves. If you ever feel like the Bible's rules are making you a bad person who is unsympathetic to others and their trials remember what you hold in your hands is an interpretation. Follow the message not the words.'

And while I STRONGLY disagree with puck and sparks interpretation of what the Bible sayss I also STRONGLY disagree with anyone who would put any one else's beliefs down and call them stories, fables or a phase. People's beliefs are incredibly important at a personal level and to put them down just makes you just as bad a person as you perceive them.
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