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Old 10-09-2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Puckstop31 View Post
I should have known...

First and foremost, I believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God. That God wrote it by inspiring the human authors. Frankly, that idea is core to the Christian faith. If we compromise on what it says, what is the point? Its either all 100% true, or none of it is. Its easy for the humanist to pick the Bible apart if you do not take it in context. Also, being a 'trained' historian I understand that if one studies something with a specific intent, well, you will come to the predetermined conclusions. You need to study the Bible looking for answers, not confirmation of what you already believe.

Next, I do not vote to impose my will/faith on others. I vote my conscience, just like you. I am NOT for forcing ANYone to live or believe the way I do. For instance, I want government out of the marriage business and in the civil union business. Leave marriage to the churches as they see fit.

Like I said before, I will not let the secular humanist define what a Christian is/should be.

And look at that... Here we are talking about social issues in a political thread when social issues won't matter a hill of beans if we are all broke and utterly depend

I, and I am sure others in this thread, am not ignorant to what the Bible says or the myriad of interprations that stem from it. I was raised Christian, went to Christian schools and had religion classes daily. My FIL is evangelical. It's not that I came to the Bible with an agenda, or a bias. It's that I can read it WITHOUT one.

Second, yeah no. Not ok with churches taking over marriage. It is NOT a religious contract, but it can be. No one decided who your church gets to marry.

Third, yep, social issues are JUST as important as economic ones. Not like Romney actually is going to help that anyways but there are other Countries around that may have money but suck in the human rights department. I am not wiling to sacrifice social issues.
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