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Old 10-08-2012, 11:40 AM
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Default Traits you like in cats vs. dogs

While thinking about the other cat vs. dog thread I thought it odd how people dislike certain cat traits that I feel like they probably like in dogs.

So, are there any traits you want in a dog and would hate in a cat? Or traits you love in cats but wouldn't like in a dog? This can be personality traits or physical traits.

For me...

Vocal- I love vocal cats who beg with their voices and will respond to you talking to them by talking back. I like quiet dogs, I hate when dogs bark at me to get me to throw a ball or something like that.

Playfulness- I like really playful dogs. It is one of my requirements when choosing a dog, I would not be happy with a dog who didn't like to play or was difficult to get playing. Tug is especially important. In cats I really don't care. A less playful cat might even be better because they tend to get into less trouble. Same goes for activity level, I like higher energy dogs but don't really care about a cat's activity level.

Otherwise things are similar. I like needy cats and dogs, attention hogs, not even remotely aloof. I like easy to handle pets, I wouldn't like a cat that I worry about touching in the wrong place, same with dogs. Physically I like short coats on both, athletic looking bodies, not squishy.

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