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Old 10-08-2012, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by dachshunds4me View Post
I wasn't going to to this but you've slandered me enough - I never said anything other than your dog is VERY thin - and he was like that for months - that haircoat is poor, he's not "out of coat". Well he might be but there's more to it than that and you know it.

Jairi has dug her own grave and I could care less.
But you're a member on another board where I explained why Savannah was adopted by someone else.
She's a Basset Hound, and she had back problems. We did not know that, all we knew was she started lashing out at the others, and we didn't know why.
Then one day it became apparent she was in PAIN. Savannah was OUR dog, not a foster. Her back was "out" and so we began pain regiment and within a day she was showing a lot of relief. However, the protocol for back injured dogs is 6-8 weeks strict crate rest and Savvy didn't know why she was crated and others were loose. We still couldn't allow her freedom because of her back, and when the others got near her she still lashed out I'm assuming due to the pain she imagined she'd feel.

After discussing with our vet, we sought, and found, a wonderful home where she'd
be the only dog, and only then did we let her go. It is our own pride that makes us think OUR home is the only home a dog can thrive in, and our vet felt another home would be her best option. This was just last year.

As for Lambie, she was our dog as well, but we rehomed her when the other dogs were aggressive to her, due to her deafness. I don't prefer to keep a dog who is miserable here, or is getting beat up, and on one occasion she almost lost her eye.
She lives with friends of ours now, and couldn't be happier. See, there is such a thing as a "bad fit". And that was some 5yrs. ago we placed her with them. Again, ego gets in the way, and the only way we could keep her is a strict crate/rotate situation, and that isn't the best existence for a dog, when there's another family who wants her.

Luke...well all I can say is you're awfully mean to bring him up, but that's your style, I guess, RC

Anyone can trot over to Shepherd Central and view the thread about him. He was bred by a guy in Oregon who used some very poor quality dogs to start his breeding program.

This guy was imprisoned for raping a co-worker (male) and his dogs were left out to starve to death. Luke was 95lb. but when he was rescued he was some 80lb. He had anxiety due to that situation, btw.

After just 4mos. in our home he became ill with SIBO and almost died. He then started losing his pigment, developed Demodex (not good at 3 1/2yrs. old) and other autoimmune problems. The decision to put him to sleep was due to his health issues with some temperament problems thrown in from bad breeding.
Should we have kept him alive to suit your needs, Courtney??

I still miss having him, and wish it had been different.
We had no idea where this dog came from and it was unfair of his "rescue" to not disclose issues he had. They knew of it but kept it quiet. We'd never have adopted him had we known

Luke had also bitten my father, and tried to bite my mom.
See, the guy who bred him fancied himself to be a professional trainer, but a friend who knew of the situation told me Luke's mother was extremely reactive with poor nerves. This same man worked all of his dogs in Sch., and Luke was not the right temperament for that. The other dog we met when adopting Luke went on to have aggression issues in his new home, as well.
Anyone who has lived with a dog from that type situation knows what a strain and stress it can be.
Then add his health issues on top of that and yes, it was too much.
But I suppose, for forum gossip purposes, it would look better to have kept him alive and suffering?? Yeah he "disappeared" into a grave

For you to bring him up is just...beyond LOW

And as for your "mistakes" RC, is this one of them?

Trying to sell Judge? (if anyone who wants to know where that's posted, PM me)
But now you're breeding him again, with no titles on the mom-to-be or him, YET, although in 2010 you were trying to title him, and it's now 2012 and he's still not titled. Yeah, the people on GSD board loved hearing that, didn't they? I mean all you got was..."WHY are you breeding untitled dogs??"
Kinda wound up with egg on your face over that one, with a PUBLIC warning, too. (That thread is on for those interested)

And as for "dislikes pit bulls", nothing could be further from the truth. There's a difference between knowing your limitations and not liking a certain breed. I don't rescue Chows or Rotties, either, but I don't dislike them. We most recently rescued a pit bull you were going to take, she was here for a week before going on to a new rescue where she found her home. So I guess your "dislikes pit bulls" isn't exactly true, is it? Why would we even try to help them, if we didn't like them??

Come up with a new line now and then, please?
You can play the victim in all this but some of us know different...
Why are you doing this? A) Bringing/quoting stuff from other forums to this one is not allowed. B) This thread is about one puppy, a Fila puppy who was neglected to the point of severe emaciation/starvation. This is not a thread to bash any member you don't like by showing pictures of a somewhat underweight dog and try to tie that together with a puppy near total starvation, pretending like they're the same thing. Why are you trying to stir up drama where in reality, nothing of substance exists? Don't do this on here please. It reduces the importance and magnitude of the original theme of this thread. And the importance of attempting to prevent any other dogs from being in Teal's care....because she doesn't care. If all you want to do is follow RC around and stir up trouble where none exists, go someplace else why don't you.
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