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Old 10-07-2012, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Jynx View Post
I have found this entire 'novel' to be interesting.

I do not condone nor ever would condone someone lying, neglecting, abusing, starving a puppy/dog or any animal. What the OP did was pretty disturbing and I'm so glad the puppy went back to the breeder and is now a healthy dog.

I guess what rather bothers me, is the original thread was started what? A year ago? the puppy was returned to the breeder what? A year ago?

I would think if the 'breeder' wanted the entire world to know the disturbing facts, they would have posted it themselves vs someone else taking it upon themselves to just revive a thread that was OVER a year old and resolved?

So again, I absolutely do not condone what the OP or anyone else who does this, did.

Has this Teal person (that I have no knowledge of) changed her ways? Does ANYONE know this?

What I find disturbing is, this event happened a YEAR ago, I'm sure alot of posters to this thread have done something (maybe not as disturbing) a year or more ago that no one knows about..Are the internet police going to dig into their past indiscressions and "out" them??

I'm sure the person who revived this thread and others have skeletons in their closet that they may not want the internet world to know of, and would be possibly 'burned at the stake' for as well.

I guess I would have just rather saw, the facts , the puppy was returned, do not adopt/sell to this person again vs all the nit picking, shoulda , coulda , speculation .

Again, I do not have knowledge of the OP, nor the people involved, I just think there comes a point when it's no ones business, take care of what's in your own backyard.

I know this board is full of animal lovers, as it should be, and I am as well, they have no voice, we have to be their voice, but something that was seemingly resolved over a year ago with a HAPPY ENDING, why rehash it? Put out the DNA, and be done with it.

Just my 2 cents
I'm on my cell phone so can't find right now but there was an explanation as to why the breeder didn't respond right away.

And based off the fact that she continued to lie about it after ward and disappeared when proof was show AND is looking into another puppy already I'm going to go out on a limb and say no she hasn't changed.
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