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Old 10-07-2012, 11:51 AM
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Default Selling a car?

I've talked to the bank I have the loan on, and they said I can sell the car. I'm just not sure what my best options are at the moment.

Since we are moving to Italy, we aren't taking the car. Between gas, insurance, and the fact that it's a 2004 Buick, there's just no really good reason why we should take it, especially when public transportation is a lot easier over there.

I don't think "selling" it back to the bank would make me any profit, or even break even. Private party is great and all, but a real PITA. I dealt with that with my last car, and I hated all the creeps that came out to look at it (and subsequently stalk me afterward). I don't think the dealership I got it from would give me anything decent on it either. I dunno.

But the other problem is that we need the car right up until we move in March. So I can't just sell it now and get it over with. I have to have it timed, perfectly, which makes private sales harder.

So I'm looking for Chaz suggestions. What would you do in this situation?

Keep in mind I'm still paying out my loan, although it'll be down to 3 thousand or so by the time we leave.
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