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Old 10-07-2012, 10:39 AM
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Default Family Update! (Massive Photo Dump)

This thread will most likely have a LOT of photos so I thought this section would do.

We've been in TN for just over a month now. It's been a whirlwind! We are definitely enjoying the area we live in and state is so gorgeous. Most of you know that we moved to TN from MI because Jason got a job offer as a K-9 handler/trainer for bomb detection, tracking, and scratch indication dogs.

Well, after we'd been here about 2 weeks, they asked me to work for them on a contractual basis. I found/bought/drove to pick up and delivered two of their new tracking dogs and two of their new scratch dogs.

I was focusing pretty seriously on the tracking and scratch program and they asked me if I would be interested in learning to handle a bomb detection dog - to which I answered, sure! After one day of training they had me performance tested by a different site with the dog and we passed Then after another 2 days, asked me if I was interested in taking the FLECA test with two different dogs. My dogs and I passed those tests yesterday. Most handlers get 2-3 months of training before they are tested so I feel pretty confident that they are looking at me in a more long-term way now. Which is fantastic!

This is one of my bomber dogs, Ericka:

Some of you may remember Jones, the young dog that was bought for the scratch dog program that I kept at our house for about 2 weeks. He was really shy at first and I wanted him to acclimate and feel confident before we moved him to the kennel - or we would rehome him if he didn't ever feel comfortable there and couldn't work. But, with careful integration, he is thriving there! He is very pushy, confident and happyhappyhappy when we work with him now and is coming along VERY well!

I went to back to MI to buy a GSD and a Bloodhound. They are both working out *very* well in the program and each day I look forward to tracking/trailing with them. I don't have any pictures of the Bloodhound because 1. she doesn't have any obedience and 2. the old owner wasn't very good with her so she prefers to just cling to me so no pics. I will work on that now that she is at the kennels though. This is the new GSD, his name is Lery (he was waving goodbye to his mom), and I <3 him!

I picked Lery up at my friend's kennel and she has a "tame" deer - she is qualified to raise them and this one was unhealthy so this is all legit. Anyway, the deer's name is Briar and she happened to come upon my car as I was loading up all the dogs (2 GSDs, a Bloodhound, a Corgi and a mix dog). Eden thought she was a sheep...

Briar grew up around dogs though and knows what she's doing:

I loaded everyone up and she decided to see what all the fuss was about...yeah, Kastle almost blew a gasket (he's in the back and he's dark so you can hardly see him).

This was my fave pic:

The rest of the pics are HERE if anyone is interested.

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