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Old 10-06-2012, 10:56 PM
CatStina CatStina is offline
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* Customers who get mad at me because we don't sell choke chains/prong collars/shock collars/Cesar Milan books etc. "I'm sorry, we don't support aversive training methods, I would be happy to recommend a product/book/trainer for you, though!" "There is nothing aversive about choke chains/prong collars/shock collars/Cesar Milan." ... Yeah, ok...

* Flexi leads wrapping around the fixtures, tripping people, allowing the dogs to roam without the owner watching them even a little bit.

* Customer: "What is this thing?"
Me: "That's a naturally shed moose antler for your dog to chew on!"
Customer: "It'a a moose's ANTLER!?"
Me: "Yep! Our supplier goes in the woods in Northern Maine with his two black labs and finds them, cleans them off and then cuts them into smaller pieces! They're really great and long lasting, my dog LOVES his!"
Customer: "That is really weird to me, I really don't like the idea of my dog chewing on a moose's antler. I'll just take one of those Bully Sticks."

* People who use me as their personal shopper and have me hold their stuff and follow them around the store showing them where everything they need is.

* When someone has me carry a 5 lb bag of food out to their car. Seriously?

* When someone writes "SEE ID" on the back of their card and then gets mad at me for asking to see their ID.

* People who bring extremely DA dogs into the store without warning us. We are happy to figure something out for people if they need to bring their DA dog into the store to be groomed or try harnesses/coats/collars/etc. on, but PLEASE let us know when you walk in or even call ahead! We sometimes have our dogs with us and other customers bring their dogs in and we would like to be able to warn those customers or put our dogs in the office if need be.

* People who ask, "Is your dog good with other dogs?" Only to have their dog lunge and bite at my dog.

* This one's been mentioned before, but I just have to say again that I hate it when people get mad that we don't carry grocery store brands. Why not just buy it where you usually buy it.

* People who get mad when we don't sell puppies or kittens.

I could go on and on, but I'll just leave it at this for now!!
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