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Old 10-05-2012, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by crazedACD View Post
Stress can trigger autoimmune symptoms and addison's, IBD=autoimmune diseases. Yeah sometimes it's nice to have a vet that doesn't go crazy with all the tests, but then again the one time she's not eating, goes into hypoglycemic shock and you have to go the evet at's going to cost a lot more than running tests to get a diagnosis you can manage. I dealt with a vet that was lax about running tests for a while and it cost me more in the long run...not to mention likely hurt the animals.

Ah yes, I didn't see she posted before me. I'm assuming he did in-house bloodwork, and didn't send it out...usually that's just a basic CBC and organ values. If you were to do a full blood panel with thyroid..that's where I would start, and work off of that. I'm looking up diagnosing Addison's.. labwork won't really test for that stuff. Maybe a second opinion is in order. I'm surprised he hasn't offered any meds to manage the symptoms in the metronidazole or some anti-inflammatory. I would talk to whatever vet about having something on hand like Nutri-Cal (OTC)...being so little, if she's not eating, her blood sugar could drop and go into shock.
Ha, that's what it is. Potassium and Sodium. I knew it was something that was odd, but couldn't remember what.

Some clinics do run full blood panels in house, which may save you some money. I think here it costs $125 in house.

And yup, running tests are so important, IMO. Takes a ton of the guess work out and gets you to the right diagnosis quickly without all of the, "Well, let's give this a try..."
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