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Old 10-04-2012, 04:25 PM
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Default Grammy's Boot Camp!

I will try and shorten the story. My son & his g-friend of 2 years were given a 6 week old puppy, Zeus, back in November of last year. My son works full time, he is 19 and already the manager of an auto parts store. he graduated in May 2011. His g-friend was stay at home, so they really wanted a puppy. I gave in....hey-it was better then them having kids...right?

The g-friend up and left at the end of this past May. Because my son works so much, Ihad to move Zeus' crate into my house. Currently, my son lives in the apartment over the garage. (Nice pad, not a cheesy makeshift apt) Zeus spends time with my son when he is home, which is usually over night. Other then that, he is inside the main house with me and my 5 dogs.

Zeus was brought in every now and again when he was younger. It took me several months to get Cato to accept him. But he was never really 'under my control' because he just simply wasn't around enough.

Now, that I have him, he is a BAD DOG!!!! And dont give me that "there are no such thing as bad dogs, just bad owners" stuff-because Zeus is genuinely BAD!

I love the dog. After all, he was here because of me and hubby, so, I will never give up on him. He has indeed since May come a very long way in listening. However, for awhile there I actually started to think he might be deaf! His attention span is that of a gnat. If it is there at all. His eyes literally wonder everywhere except on you when you are giving commands or talking to him. He rarely listens. He is a follower by nature, not a leader. He has taken ANYTHING that any other dog does which is 'slight' and developed it to the extreme. Out of hand extreme. Example: My dogs bark at the feral cats.....Zeus started this, but has taken it farther, he has the pitbull 'scream' and screams, barks and hits the fence, as all MY dogs stand back and watch! Another: Jasper used to be the first to go potty out the door, he'd turn around and prance and get excited as the others would exit. Zeus-extreme-he has LITERALLY gotten AGGRESSIVE and tries to ATTACK the others as they exit. Water guns, fly swatter, cups of cold water....NOTHING has broken this, I have been told to get a shock collar-because he is just simply going to hurt one of my dogs because he is getting bigger. I won't have it. My dogs pick up sticks and chew them, he either steals them every time OR actually goes over and rips and breaks branches from trees...

Zeus, unfortunatly, killed a kitten last week. Yes, they are ferals. My dogs WILL indeed kill a cat if they have the opportunity. Some think its horrible...dogs kill cats, cats kill mice,,,,so on...I do NOT condone it, but I do understand that it happens. My dogs in the past, will "chomp" the kitten and leave it. Zeus on the other hand, loudly sounded off his scream, AS he was chasing it, AS he caught it, and AS he killed it..........Screamed entire time-excitement. And he didn't just 'chomp' I assure you, it wasnt pretty....His eyes were so.....distant. Like Zeus wasn't in there anymore and some devil crazy dog had taken over.....Drive-he has plenty of it.

Last night, hubby brought home a Nerf football. Zeus freaked, the screaming began, jumping (he gets serious air) More screaming and BARKING, his eyes went off again and there was NO stopping him. He acted as if we werent even there. The ball-is up, away from him for good.

I have taught him SOOOOOOO much. But I feel like he is refusing to learn what he really needs to. My sons new g-friend, has a 17mo baby girl. Most precious baby ever. Beautiful big blue eyes. Zeus is not allowed to be around her. Am I wrong for this? I don't think so. He needs to learn a strong as hell recall. He needs to listen......obey......God forbid she pick up a football ya know?

I know there has to be others who have had "that type" of dog to contend with and managed successfully. I have had dogs my entire life. Many breeds, but mostly APBT. I have NEVER EVER had a dog like Zeus, nor have I known anyone else personally to have a dog like Zeus. I am now 41 years old....I am wondering if I have just lucked out all these years (nah-) or if Zeus is just alittle off his rocker........

I give soooooooooooo much advice on dog training in the past. Because everything I have EVER done has worked so well. Never problems...But I am asking for alittle advice for Zeus...
Love is everything it's cracked up to be…It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. Love your bully, fight BSL......

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