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Old 10-03-2012, 12:48 AM
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Default A strange vomiting scenario

Okay. 2 weeks ago (exactly) I woke up to find my bedroom floor covered in piles of vomit from Juno. Err, that's not right. But vomit doesn't normally send me into a panic so I wasn't too concerned yet. Went outside and there was a couple piles of fresh liquid diarrhea. Also add in the fact that she was acting super clingy and anxious, yeah maybe we have something happening here.... so I called work and said I was heading in with her.

Everything checked out okay on the exam and I couldn't think of anything that she would have eaten. Maybe something out in the yard but as far as destroying anything thta would cause an obstruction, no. So my options were to treat the symptoms or do some further digging with bloodwork and x-rays. I opted to treat the symptoms - metronidazole, cerenia, and some SQ fluids.

She seemed fine after that.

2 or 3 days after Juno's illness, Lucy spent the whole of 2 days vomiting. At this point I am thinking wtf, but I don't bring Lucy in because I figure she'll just get over it like Juno did. I had leftover cerenia from Juno so I figured out Lucy's dosage for that, and I had a bag of fluids as well so I gave her some of those too. It didn't clear up as quickly as Juno, but she did get better... and I declared it the canine stomach bug, or that perhaps they both ate something yucky outside.

Now, Juno has been having some bouts of diarrhea on and off - I don't want to say this has been happening "since then" because honestly this could have been going on for a while - but she'll have some normal stools and then there will be some mushy, shapeless piles. But I just made a thread on here a couple days ago wondering if I might be feeding her too much, so I've been thinking maybe that's where the diarrhea is coming from. But then why isn't it all the time? I decreased her food yesterday and was going to take a wait and see approach on that.

Well, today I got home from work and once again find piles of vomit in my bedroom (thank God I just bought more natures miracle this weekend). From Juno. As I'm cleaning it up I notice there's something in it - whitish and square, I'm think maybe it's a bone chunk? Even though I haven't given her any bones? So I grab it and it ends up being bigger than I originally thought. And I have no clue what it could possibly be. It's like a perfect cone shape - thick at one end and tapers down into a tail. It's like 2-3 inches long and super thick. Honestly everyone I've shown it to has went "OMG IT'S AN EFFING WORM" because seriously that's what it looks like.... it has little ridges all along and is like shaped perfectly... it doesn't possibly look like she ate or chewed something because there are no chew marks or rough edges, it's just a perfect cone, basically.

So now I'm really thinking WTF?!?!? Has this been causing her issues for the past couple weeks? What IS it?? Is it a critter that Lucy is infected with too? Why did she go 2 weeks without vomiting? It looks like a giant mutant super worm and that's the only way I can describe it, because I have seen roundworms and tapeworms and dear God they are not this large.

I will post a picture for anyone who has read this and wants one lol. I'm just so freaking confused. Will probably bring it to work tomorrow and shove it in everyones face for their opinions. Gah.

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