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Old 10-02-2012, 07:50 PM
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Default So, I need some brainstorming... Bulldog allergies.

My male AB is not doing well. It's nigh impossible to keep weight on him and his coat and skin are a mess. Underside is pretty much bald and nipples are swollen from constant scratching. He used to get hotspots every few days but I actually haven't seen one pop up in awhile (knock on wood). He's been to the GP and to a dermatologist who put him on a regimen of allergy shots and regular bathing, plus a medicated lotion for his wrinkles and feet. Changed his food from a limited ingredient lamb formula intentionally to a WORSE quality food because sometimes Bulldogs don't process the higher protein well and do better on lower quality backward as that seems. It didn't really do anything, neither for the better or for the worse, so there's really no point in keeping him on it. GP vet did bloodwork and he's had other tests done, everything has come back normal except of course the allergy tests, where he's allergic to **** near every grass, common tree out here, and human dander. Allergy shots don't seem to be doing much. We cut the spacing of them back to try to build up his tolerance, still doesn't seem to be doing anything after several months and several thousand dollars.

He actually looked amazing for awhile, coat was thick and shiny, and white...and then completely crashed and was worse off than he was before we did all of that.

Any ideas on what to try next, short of turning the poor dog into Bubble Boy?
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