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Old 10-02-2012, 06:31 PM
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And, maybe she should stop getting dogs. I know several breeders who report having her contact them about upcoming litters or rehome dogs. Several different breeds at the same time, even.

I've "known" Jairi from boards since 2006 or 2007. I began to get a bit suspicious after the first big flush of dogs that she called "forever dogs" before moving to Oregon. But, she reassured us that she wouldn't get over her head again, and I hoped that it was just because she's young. But, no. She got more, and more disappeared. A year or two ago she told me that she was getting rid of everybody but Ruger and Bukra and moving to Alaska. Some of the dogs disappeared, only to have Peshamba and Zealand added. And she's asking more breeders for more. It's a neverending cycle.

She claims that she didn't get any dogs from the shelter, but she told me that Polaris and his brother were obtained from the shelter. As I mentioned before, she told me that Clairece escaped and went out a window. Now she was stolen? I remember once I asked on Facebook if she still had the trailer on her parents' land. She deleted my comment and sent me a private admonishment that she doesn't want that to be common knowledge. I assumed that she was telling people that she owned that land herself.

I feel bad because I've been suspicious for years, but I didn't make a public announcement. I can't even remember how many dogs have come and gone, but it's a ridiculously high number. A few cats, too. And, the all of the tarantulas that died because they were kept in an unheated trailer. But, would getting this out there stop anything? Probably not, as there will always be some trashy breeder willing to sell. But, maybe responsible breeders will actually listen and decline. And, maybe having this out there will encourage Jairi to not dump this batch just to prove us all wrong. For the sake of the animals, I hope that's what happens.
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