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Old 10-02-2012, 07:25 AM
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Default Resource guarding against other dogs

I know it seems like every post I write atm is a problem I'm having with Quinn. She's not that bad, she has her issues but overall I'm really happy with her, I just don't have much spare time so the only chance I really have to post is when I need advice.

Anywho, Quinn has always been a bit resource guardy with the other dogs, no issues with people whatsoever.
Not really any issues with toys, she can guard me or the bed sometimes but her main issue is with food. Most other thinsg she postures and snarks but she will fly off the handle over food.

We manage it, there are no bones left in the backyard anymore. She is always fed in her crate with a cover or a seperate room. I generally don't let other dogs approach us when training with food etc. I even give her an extra 5-10 minutes alone after a meal for "relisation time" when she seems to calm down, check to make sure there is no food around and then I always supervise when I let her back with the other dogs.
I guess I hadn't really relised its a fair bit of extra maintenance.

That said, she can share food if she hasn't had a chance to claim it as hers. Ie: Poppy and her raiding the cat food bowl. But then other times she looses it over so much as a singe piece of kibble. She just started Buster because he was sniffing the ground where she had lost a piece of kibble under a cabinet (I had got it out for her and given her 10 minutes to check out the area to see if she still had any reason to defend it)
She has improved a lot in that she is easier to stop verbally when she gets like that and Buster rarely wants to fight back.

I don't really know how to fix this though, I know its a natural behaviour but its a pain in the ass that her reactions can be so full on and so fast.
Buster used to be really guardy with food, to the point that he wouldn't eat a meal so that he could spend all evening stressing and guarding it. He just seemed to grow out of it in the last 4 years or so. Now he'll let anyone steal his food right out of the bowl he's eating out of.

I know its a bit complex but I'd just like an improvement and it's something I'm not sure on how to tackle without risking making matters worse.

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