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Old 09-30-2012, 10:29 AM
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Default Indoor cats?

Okay so... I like cats, I've discovered. I really have always thought if I get a small pet, it'll be a small dog. I still may never get a cat and just stick with little dogs. But I like my dad's cat quite a bit. She's very friendly and easy going. She is really LOUD though and always wants to be petted. The dogs and her get along great. She is really social and follows me around. She comes when you call her and is just a real delight. As far as breed goes, she's some mix of many generations of barn cats.

It wouldn't be until after I moved. But I have some questions. Keep in mind I've NEVER owned a cat and am honestly totally clueless. The only cats I've been around much have been outdoor cats. And most have been declawed. If I got a cat, I wouldn't be comfortable with that.

So I apologize for stupid questions. I figure you guys will be more lenient with me since you know me, right? I'm really just clueless.

1. How do you keep a cat inside and happy? And without tearing up everything without declawing it?

2. Do you just... leave them loose while you're gone? You don't have to crate them or make a cage for them? I'm so worried they'll get into everything...

3. What do you do for outdoor time? Do you give them outdoor time?

4. Food- in general is a good brand of dog food going to make a good brand of cat food?

5. Litterbox and smell- how do you keep the house from smelling? I've changed shelter litterboxes and they SMELLED bad. I don't want my house to smell like dog or cat.

6. Pros and cons of adopting a kitten versus adult. I almost wonder if it might be better to find an adult for adoption that has a good, easy personality.

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