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Old 09-27-2012, 06:16 PM
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Nice dog you should get her!

You could probably teach her to alert bark, though I sure wouldn't depend on a Sibe for being protective LOL.

Both mine are awesome trackers (both have foundation in sport tracking and hunt on their own in the pasture) and good around my cats and our livestock (they are never loose with the stock either though), but they definitely want to eat strange small furry things. Lily very politely begs for the rodents/birds/etc. at the pet store... incidentally with that very same look the dog in that second ferret/sibe pic has.

My honest answer? While I'm willing to manage sled dogs (and other high prey drive breeds) around my personal cats, there's no way in hell I'd step out and get some weasels, bunnies, chickens, hamsters, etc. etc.
JMO though!

And also my girls definitely show their GSD sides a LOT and the main reason Scout eventually bonded with my cat was definitely the GSD sense of "mine." They are both very good watchdogs and Lily will alert if a stranger is messing around outside. She doesn't say anything if its someone she knows. Again thats sooooo not the Sibe half of her. I really got the best of both breeds with her, the sibe goofiness and woo-woo's and the GSD brain, velcroness, and biddability.

Lily does have a daily running requirement. If she doesn't get her minmum daily mileage she starts chasing her tail obsessively. And she'd be more than happy to do mental and physical work literally all day. not all are that high maintenance, but I did end up with two because my friend's mom wanted a dog like Lily.

I think you'll be fine though. Just make sure you are very careful on containment and keeping leashed.
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