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Old 09-25-2012, 04:43 AM
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Default Puppy on the way home... And I have millions of questions :)

Hey guys, I've been a lurker for a while now but I guess that now I am here to stay. After debating A LOT, and researching a lot more, between a Golden and an Aussie, I finally decided to get an Aussie... I am super excited to get my new best friend home . He is still just a baby, so I have 5 more LOOOONG weeks until he's home, but I want to be ready once he's here, so I have a few questions!!!

1. I have another dog, a Schnauzer, almost 11 years old, super friendly and gets very excited when he meets another dog, he's not aggressive, he just gets really hyper. So, what would be the best way to introduce the puppy? Should I crate my older dog, and let the puppy investigate the new house? Should I take him to potty first? Should I do introductions first? I just feel really bad for the puppy, it's going to be a stressful day.

2. It's been 11 years since the last time I had a puppy, and by that time I was only a child, this is going to be my first 'real dog' and I really want to do things right. At first I was going to take 3 months off from school, but sadly due to FAFSA I can't do it without messing my payment plan, I will only go to 2 classes though, so that's four hours - 5 hours 2 times a week that I will be gone. Should I let the puppy inside his crate, or in an x-pen?

3. One of the things that worries me the most, is that every December my family from overseas come to my house and stay over, the puppy will be about 3 months around that time. Will this be stressful for him? I hope this doesn't mess up the training... You know how grandparents can be, especially those that believe in yelling to dogs to get their point accross should I just crate the puppy in my room? Instead of the living room?

4. I know that I can't really take the puppy to the dog park or pet store until he's 6 months, but what to do when is time to go potty? It will probably be on my yard, the same place my older dog goes potty, is this a health concern? (Sorry, I probably worry too much lol) should I just take him else where?

5. I know Aussies are velcro dogs, the complete opposite of my Schnauzer who is very independent, so I don't really have experience with velcro dogs, would letting him sleep on my bed, or nap with me during the day be a problem later on?

6. Sorry... I promise, last question for now lol. Could someone post a 'schedule' you guys follow with your puppies? It's just to use it as a guide.

I will post pictures when gotcha day is closer, he's a beautiful red merle puppy!
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