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Old 09-20-2012, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Laurelin View Post
I dunno... I think it's a balance.

I enjoy my job, some days it's a lot of fun and some days it sucks. Most days it's in between. I'm definitely not saying get a job you hate, but I also think it can be unrealistic to expect to have that dream job that is always wonderful and always fills you with joy. My job right now puts me in a group I love, it's interesting, I get more volunteer opportunities with it, etc. And it pays for my own house and car and dogs and life.

I hate working when work = my passion. I can't be an artist for a living because it takes away any passion I have for art. It's miserable for me.

I'm much better doing my science-y computer-y thing 40 hours a week then enjoying my many three day weekends. I love working hard on a team and then I LOVE being able to leave it at the office and forget about it until tomorrow.

Brit, I lost a good two years after my mom died. I think that is very normal in the grieving process. I'm just now really feeling like myself
I absolutely agree that I think it should be a balance. I don't LOVE what I do... I don't think I will do this forever... but for now, it is good. It pays well, there is some room for advancement, and for the most part, I really like my co-workers. HOWEVER, for me it was important to look for jobs where I get a good amount of vacation days. Not because I can't wait to get away from work every second of my work day, but when you start working 9-5, 5 days a week for a few years, you WANT to be able to go on vacations. But I think that understanding will come when you are fulltime employed for awhile.

Anyway, I am 30, still thinking about going back to school... I definitely am not where I thought I'd be at 30... but that's where I agree with Fran: it's your life. While you might not be able just to pick up and move, there are things you can change. And even if it's just little things at a time
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