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Old 09-20-2012, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Doberluv View Post
What education or experience do you really have in animal behavior? I don't mean to be insulting, (I know it comes across kind of that way...sorry) but your comments clearly show somewhat of a lack of understanding of animal behavior. No. The other dog would normally and immediately back down and go away at the first hard glance from the dog with the food. In fact, the vast majority of dogs won't attempt to take possession of food that another dog already has possession of...very rare.
What education do you have?
I have 13 years of being a dog owner, 7 years of rescuing/fostering (around 220 dogs in total), and I have been asked to deal with dogs behaviours outside my home as well. I also groom, and do canine dental scaling.
Is that enough for you?
I don't tolerate s***. Maybe I would if I didn't have kids (my oldest is 7) but as for right now I'm very sensitive about the dogs I allow into my home.
The dog I have right now (aside from some puppy mouthing- she is 15 months) is bomb proof. My kids can climb on her, sit on her, grab her flews and take things out of her mouth. She will surrender raw meat to my kids (took no additional training for her to do it). She will allow everything/anything.
And I don't even trust HER completely. I always supervise. I still don't allow the kids around her when she's eating. She doesn't get chews or treats when the kids are around, their play gets too rough- I end that.
If she EVER bit me my children, my husband or close friends that she is accustomed to hard enough to draw blood-- she would be taken to the vet within the hour and euthanized.
I don't mean accidental bites, I don't mean she was playing and thought my hand was a tug; I mean an aggressive (yes even food aggressive) bite or attack (the dog in this video attacked he didn't bite).
I'm sorry. You are not a mommy because you own a dog
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