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Old 09-20-2012, 10:30 AM
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Watch the video again Rubygirl. The dog in the beginning has a soft face, soft eyes and begins eating peacefully, looking like there isn't a worry in her head. Then all of a sudden Cesar, this mentally unstable psycopath moves into her close, hovering over her food. The dog, who most assuredly has a history of being threatened about her food, snarls and air snaps, where upon Cesar slugs the dog hard right in her carotid artery area on her neck. This dog is giving every calming signal possible. She licks her lips, turns her head, (he calls that not being submissive enough...idiot) She lies down. After she bites, he moves in closer yet again, trapping her between the fence and a bush, while he blocks the only escape route left to her. If you think this is is something that every dog should tolerate after having a history of probably mistreatment, then I don't know what to think. You ask any behaviorist what they think and I can almost guarantee that they won't agree that this is abnormal or that it is out right aggression. Sure, there are dogs that will put up with more. Dogs, like people have different thresholds for mistreatment. There are dogs that genetically don't have a high threshold because if they did, they wouldn't make, for instance, good guardian dogs. I had a Doberman and if he had been kicked around and gone after like CM did this dog, he wouldn't have tolerated it. He wouldn't have lasted as long as this dog did before defending himself. No way. And my Doberman never bit anyone in his life. He was a fine dog with people. But no one ever violently attacked him, like this nut job does to dogs.

And the dog's history probably has a lot to do with it as well. Something that was going on PREDICTED to this dog that things were about to get a lot worse. If it were the first time something like this happened, he may not have bitten that hard. He may have still been in the wtf??? stage, where he's still trying to work things out. Or........maybe he has a lower tolerance for this kind of mistreatment. So....simple answer for a dog that has a low tolerance? Work within that tolerance. Stop pushing him and doing everything possible to elicit that kind of response from him.

If someone doesn't want to have a dog that bites when people get around his/her food, then don't go around his food.... OR....condition him to being fine with it PROPERLY. And that does not include abuse!
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