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Old 09-19-2012, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by kady05 View Post
Well, if it were me, and I had a kid, I would never own a dog like that. Actually, that dog would've been in the ground had it offered that kind of behavior. Apparently she bit both owners multiple times over it, and Cesar was the 3rd or 4th trainer they worked with. What if, god forbid, the kid dropped food on the floor one day?

I'm not saying I agree with how Cesar handled it, but my opinion is that the dog would've been PTS had it of been in my care. But then again, I come from a "Pit Bull" frame of mind.
Originally Posted by AdrianneIsabel View Post
Sometimes I wonder if people would be so quick to kill dogs if it was real to them and not hypothetical.
Thanks Adrianne. I wonder that too.

Kady, I don’t know if you mean to, but you sound awfully smug and self-righteous when you say *you* would never keep a dog like that if you had a kid.

Do you think I looked at my kids one day and said “hey, how much fun would it be to try and keep them safe from a food aggressive dog” and then deliberately went out looking for the biggest FA dog I could find?

Sometimes dogs fall in your lap and you’re left figuring out what to do with a life no one else wants to take responsibility for. Its not an easy decision no matter how you slice it. And when the dog is real, right in front of you, its even harder.

We chose to teach the kids a lesson in compassion. That lives are worth saving, that trust can be rebuilt, that everyone deserves a chance at redemption. I am eternally grateful to Lunar for helping us teach our kids that lesson. Because the direct experience they have had with his complete transformation is something that will stay with them forever.

I have absolutely no problem with those who don’t want to take that risk, but please, lets look down our noses at those of us who make an informed, carefully weighed decision to work with this kind of dog.
"We become better trainers by refusing to swallow uncritically what is tossed to us as truth,
by developing our powers of empathy and observation,
and by searching for better ways to teach and educate the dogs we love."
~Suzanne Clothier
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