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Old 09-18-2012, 11:19 PM
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Default Awkward point in life.

Anyone else feel that way or been through it?

I feel like I'm at such an awkward point in my life.

I just turned 22. That sounds so... old. Like I should be a lot further along in my life than I really am, lol. Sometimes I still feel like I'm 18/19.

I am just kind of in a rut I guess. I'm still living at home, which I don't really mind so much -- I get my own space, we're all fairly close and get along for the most part etc. But I feel like I SHOULD be in my own place by now and a bit more started in my OWN life and I'm just... not there yet.

A few of my close friends just graduated college, and are actually back at home... so that makes me feel a little better, like it's not JUST me. But... they've got their degree, more than I can say. But we all feel the same way, we just talked tonight... they both hate their jobs, feel like they should be doing MORE with their lives, etc.

I am not back in college again yet, because I didn't wanna just keep going for seemingly no reason, without knowing what the heck I REALLY wanna do. So I'm just working part-time at a daycare and then go walk dogs. I'm making enough for myself for the way I am living now, but couldn't afford my own place on this salary. I'm tempted to go into Medical Assisting mainly because I feel like there's a lot of jobs out there for it... I only need 12 more classes and then 160 hours of internship (which I already know I could do at my grandma's office) to have the AA degree and just be done with it. It's not amazing money, but I could have a "real" job within 1 year or 1 1/2 years. I'm kind of over finding my "dream" job and just getting something realistic that could pay the bills. I honestly cannot picture myself doing 2-3 more years of school to get my bachelors. I loathe school lol.

I'd like to be able to meet a guy... being totally honest I've never had a real boyfriend. I'm not a "loser"... I'm a nice social person, but I really only have a small group of friends that I hang out with maybe once a week, and we just do dinner, movies, etc. These are friends I've known since elem. school. But really I am not even in a huge hurry to get into a relationship, but just kind of want to start living my own life a bit more. But I'm not a bar hopper or a club goer ... I prefer to do dinners, and movies, and outdoorsy things. I have so many places I want to visit with Jackson and different towns and parks and such, but I don't really wanna do it alone.

I feel like... this should be the time of my life! I am capable of getting up and going anywhere, moving anywhere, doing anything I want to do... but I don't wanna do it alone.... and I just don't wanna get "stuck" and then look back 20 years from now and regret not doing more with my life.

I don't know, I'm actually very content in one way, but in another... I know I have to continue to "grow up" and move on to bigger and better things.

I think 22 is just a crappy age.
Brit & Jackson

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