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Old 09-15-2012, 08:21 PM
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That's pretty much what I want to, SillySally, only swap birds with caged rodents/cats.

One of the things I LOVED about Seabees was that she lived in my apartment and don't react to any noises. Neighbors, people outside my window talking, cars, loud thumps, nothing phased her. When we'd go out to potty and kids and people were everywhere, she was social enouh to be comfortable in that setting, but indifferent enouh to ignore everyone, and in to "her person" enough to want to be by my side and waiting for my direction instead of saying hi to the neighbor right by us sitting in his lawn chair. And when a big guy started walking towards us (he was just walking, mind you, but I'm sure she picked up on my watchfulness) she stood alert and woofed, which, in my mind, made it seem as if she would have defended me (althouh I'm fairly certain she would not have, other people didn't know that). That's pretty much my ideal, although having a dog that would back up that bark with a bite in the right situation is also fine by me.

She'd follow me from room to room, but didn't have to be in my lap. As long as she could see me. She could play for hours if you wanted to, but was also just as happy chomping on a bone. She loved my rats and Dameon, but also had enough prey drive that outside the house she would chase small animals. Great social skills with other dogs, extremely patient and tolorant of handling of all sorts, loved to wrestle, short coat, medium/large size, quick learner, toy and food driven, responsive to voice/body cues...just brilliant. Chloe is much the same way and I really enjoy her as well, she just has **** poor social skills and can't be trusted around anything or anyone outside of her person: I think my sister and I are the only ones that she responds to and hasnt tried to bite. She's a reactive, touchy, domineering bitch. She is the reason I'm so adamant that my next dog have the social skills I want - I can't handle another Chloe. Been there, done that, hate it.
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