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Old 09-13-2012, 09:28 PM
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Question What breed for me?

Can a mod change that thread icon? My phone decided to be stupid. I'm not sad, I promise. Lol

I've come to realize over the past few months what exactly I want in a dog. Having Gracie and Cooper, then having Seabees for the time I did, really has made me understand what I like, what I don't like, and what I can't stand. Not only the big things, but down to basic personality. The future is becoming more sure now, and even if it changes that shouldn't influence what I want in a breed. I have a few breeds I'm looking at seriously and some I've briefly considered but am not really sure about.

So, I'm going to make a brief list of what I really enjoy in a dog. Then I'm going to list breeds I've considered. If someone with breed experience would like to chime in and let me know if one just won't work, that'd be great. I realize most of this is going to come down to the individual dog, but I figured getting in the right baullpark with a certain breed would up my chances of getting "that dog".

So, here is what I love:
- 40-80 pounds, 50 is perfect. Athletic build.
- short coat, smooth or dense. Solid, dark colors = gorgeous.
- motivated to learn, fun to work with
- toy motivated, food driven, loves to play physically
- able to go all day, but just as happy to laze around and chew on a bone
- social with family animals, be they rat, cat, or dog, although I actually prefer a dog that has the drive to "critter"
- good with children, high tolorance, patient
- polite/social with strangers in public
- protective of its territory, although I would be happy with a dog that would bark and look intimidating without it actually being protective.
- quiet, doesn't bark unless it feels the need
- not a velcro dog, but a shadow dog. One that doesn't have to touch you at all times, but follows you from room to room. Picks you as his person and values you over a stranger.
- able to be off leash with training
- stable; not predisposed to reactivity/snarkiness/extreme sensitivity
- can't be a drooler (allergies), and can't be a "banned" breed due to renting

Breeds I've considered:
Field Golden
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Field Spaniel
American Bulldog
German Shepherd
English Shepherd

Blackie, Sadie, and Seabees were pretty much perfect, and they were all Labs. But I've met so few Labs that I can say "this is exactly what I want" and so many more labs I don't want to touch with a stick, I think I'm afraid I'll end up with a Lab I can't stand. And I'm having such a hard time finding a breeder I 110% love, its making it difficult.

So...please share your thoughts/experiences with a breed you think might work! With any luck my life will be ready for a puppy this May. I'm ready for one now (I really miss Seabees ), but unfortunately my life is not.
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