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Old 09-13-2012, 01:49 PM
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Default Future Tattoo/Piercing Thread

For those tattered souls like myself, what do you guys have planned for the future? Piercings are welcome as well.

As for me, since nobody on here knows what I have, I've got a large cross on my left side, a smallish bear paw/marriage tattoo on my right lower side/hip, I have a horseshoe and star on my right foot, and a tramp stamp of crossed revolvers with wings.

I'm seriously considering the names of horses that really impacted my life on my right wrist. Could potentially get large though. I wouldn't want more than three names on there... May do in white ink. Dunno though. I've heard different things about that.

I want something dog related, but not sure yet what I will do. Maybe paw prints, but I personally don't want anything on my legs.

I have a back piece that I am saving up for currently. It is a painting of a horse standing in a field with a really dark sky, which I want on my left shoulder blade. I want to incorporate an undeveloped dandelion, kind of oversized, placed near my spine, which then blows little pieces that fades into an ACD trailing cattle across my right shoulder blade. This will be kind of the same type of landscape, with a dark sky as well. This whole piece will be meant to look painted. This may lead into a half sleeve one day that includes a painting of a cow that I love. Tie some barbed wire in there somewhere and I don't know what else yet.

Left shoulder blade:

Possible half sleeve start:

As for piercings, I've got three on the table that I want. I'm getting my rook done on my right ear, along with my snug on my left ear. Later, I want to get my forward helix done on probably my left ear. I will have to get another on my right because they have to be even, but I dunno what yet.

And a tattoo I just like all around:

So, what do you guys have in store?

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