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Old 09-12-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Romy View Post
I don't know where "several breeders" have her dogs. There's the noble paws people, and I don't know the story behind them. Then there's the aatu tamaskan people who have one dog (that I know of) to use as a POSSIBLE outcross. The aatus are operating out of a very small genepool and are bringing in additional foundation stock to try and correct some issues (idiopathic epilepsy) and widen the gene pool a bit. I'm not sure where it's a problem for a breed club to explore the possibility of utilizing a health tested temperament tested dog from ANCD lines and it's okay with the ANCD breeder that her dog is POSSIBLY used. Because he hasn't been used yet. You make it sound like these people are churning out half a dozen litters a year and peddling them through puppyfind, and really that's not the case. At all.
Aatu Tamaskan, NoblePawz, and another breeder all three have her dogs. And are crossing them on wolf hybrids. Aatu Tamaskan has been the subject of MUCH debate in the past within wolfdog communities. NoblePawz obviously has it's own history. This new breeder looks like a BYB, just pumping out pups and selling them via PayPal. And, oddly enough, calling them SIBES. Because Mutt x Alaskan/Wolf Husky totally equals Sibes.

If she is SO "selective" how are these dogs falling into these programs? Right as I thought they would at the BEGINNING of this thread? She hasn't even made it 5 generations, and it's already doomed to fail in the hands of BYBing practices to make WolfDogs. I'm simply not impressed, and as said before, I don't see this going anywhere. And I'm definitely not convinced wolf blood isn't in there, with as many characteristics as they have. Lauren brought up many good points on that, too.

If it's a companion breed, fine. If it's a sport mix, fine. Is it a new breed that will totally stop people from watering down other workings breeds? Nope. Because the general public still WANT Sibes, GSDs, Mals, etc. They just don't want the temperaments, the hassle. Or, they DO want the hassle, and they think they are "man enough" to take it. This "breed" isn't filling any major niche, and I suppose that's why she may have been forced to sell to breeding programs that don't have any good reputation. And considering these people still have these dogs of hers, I suppose she doesn't, or at one time didn't have a contract to protect her so-called breed. Or else I suppose any good breeder would snatch the dogs back and re-home them appropriately. Especially if they are trying to create a new breed with these dogs. She's definitely not concerned with reputation. Or maybe she was just THAT clueless?

Those who want wolfy looking dogs with temperament and health are a small select group of people. Everyone else just wants wolfy looking dogs to throw in the backyard and call "Wolfy". And they aren't going to pay the money for a lawn ornament with a crap load of "accomplishments". Only bigger BYBers will do that, the Wolf Hybrid breeders who are trying to call their dogs Tamaskans or Sibes. People are taking these dogs and twisting other breeds. Tamaskans, Alaskans, and Sibes so far. How long until the GSD breeding community grabs on to this gem? Or, heck, Shiloh Shepherds at least? You know how well those took off. And they seem to be such BIG fans of AD.

This is something that has been done TIME and TIME again. It's nothing new or revolutionary. It's old, and it's going to create a lovely mess that the rest of us will have to clean up. Again.

Kootenay, Yarrow is gorgeous. Truly, he is. And I look forward to seeing more pictures of him and hearing of his adventures. But I hope you understand that I find this no different than the Sarloos, Tamaskan, or any other breed that tried to fill this niche before and failed miserably because of the the very reason it was created. If I'm wrong, I'll be happy to say so in a few years, as I'm interested and intrigued by the idea, and the health and temperament testing. But I'm not optimistic.

And that's all I really have to say. As Cliffdog said, arguing on this thread isn't going to change anything.
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