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Old 09-11-2012, 04:59 AM
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This article raises some questions for me as well.

When Does a Wolf Become a Dog?
Are AKC German Shepherds Wolf 'Hybrids' /Wolfdogs ?

by Ann Dresselhaus

I assert that ALL dogs are 'wolfdogs'. The only difference between them (besides
appearance and temperament) is the number of generations away from a 'pure'
wolf the individual canine is. The original German Shepherd studbook,
Zuchtbuch fur Deutche Schaferhunde (SZ), shows several pure wolves were
used to 'create' the breed and this was only 90 years ago! Similar events
can be uncovered for Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Belgian Shepherd
types, and many rarer-breed 'dogs'. German Shepherds were recently the
MOST POPULAR AKC breed. Imagine that -- a 'wolfdog' is the most popular
working/companion dog!

I think a key question to be answered is: WHEN does a 'wolf become a dog??
If she thinks ALL dogs are wolf hybrids, how can she breed something that she said is distinctly NOT a wolf hybrid? Sort of widens the pool of what she might think IS and is NOT a "Wolf Hybrid". There are many breeders that believe anything lower than 40% is NOT a wolf hybrid. So, let's say she used a Sibe with a Grandparent who was full Wolf. Does that make the Sibe a wolf hybrid or not? Slippery slope, there.

Link to full article

ETA: It IS impressive that these dogs, in only a few generations, create very wolfy looking offspring, consistently. No doubt about that. And like I said before, create all the healthy, temperament tested companion dogs you want. I'm all FOR that if it means they'll stop watering down Sibes.

But this market, feeding into the want of a wolfy looking makes me very iffy. Especially since a few of these dogs have already fallen into bad hands and muddied the waters, like Nobel Paws and other small breeders that DO add Wolf to the bloodlines. I just don't see it ending well, and I think the dogs will suffer for it.

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