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Old 09-06-2012, 04:24 PM
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Default Talk to me About Chows (or just strange puppies)

In the middle of all the Argon drama, I took in a foster puppy last week. If he does not get better, she has to go back to the rescue, but seeing as I have $3 to my name to last until Monday, there is no way to put any gas in the car and get her back before then.

Shiva is primarily chow, probably with some Aussie or Eskie in her. She is very...odd. I'm not sure if this is common to chows, or she is a strange little duck all on her own.

She is the most self-possessed puppy I have ever met. She likes people, no fear or shyness but she isn't crazy about them. Example: Shiva and 4 other puppies about the same age (4 months) are laying on the deck at work. A person comes out into the yard. The other four race over to the stranger and start jumping/yipping/trying to attract attention. Shiva picks her head up and looks at the person. She does not bark, she does not get up, she just looks calmly. If the person acknowledges her directly, she will stand up and come over, tail wagging.

For her age, her focus on me as a handler is astounding. In just one weeks she's already moved up to performing five or six basic commands in a crowded petsmart. She's smart as a whip.

At home, she's not snuggly or cuddly to me. She lets me pick her up and handle her with no problem, but she would much rather by lying by my side with a toy or treat then in my lap.

She was at the shelter for a month, and was handled extensively there. She has poor bite inhibition and no impulse control, but that's common with shelter puppies, so I'm not worried. She's improving on both counts.

I wonder if this is the chow in her. I've never really worked with one before, and she does have the bearing of the very few adult chows I have met. Is this a breed thing, or do I just possess the Zen Puppy?

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