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Old 08-30-2012, 01:51 AM
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Default Fleetwood's GI problems- What is this?

As some of you are probably aware, Fleetwood has a long history of seemingly related health issues. The vet suspects autoimmune disease. The worst is his GI episodes. He has these seemingly random episodes where (usually in the morning) he gets very Ill, he's in pain, abdomen makes awful noises, and he throws up a whole lot. Very liquidy stool also happens. If his episodes are bad/long enough, his vomit and stool are bloody. He will not / can not eat during this time.

They seem to be random, maybe diet or stress are contributors. He's on a strict diet of TOTW salmon and plain salmon treats. It doesn't seem to matter what he's eating, though. The episodes are happening almost every other day, maybe every three. It varies, but he never goes more than 5 days without. They last anywhere from 8 hours to days at a time.

He's been on metronidazole (flagyl) for close to 30 days now. No improvement. Last time, he improved within two weeks, but not this time. He was on ondansetron, and even pepcid AC and tagamet. None of them make a difference, because if he's sick, he's sick.

I've never had a dog with IBD, but I have a cat with it. It's nothing like that. I don't really understand what's going on in there. What is his GI tract doing thats making all that noise? Inflammation? Can anybody help me out? I took this video of Fleet wood's tummy this morning, you can clearly hear the noises that woke me up. They're that loud

Fleetwood Mes Yeux Vigilant CGCA RE TDCH TDI and Shed Antler Dog!

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